I started my career working as a developer for a poultry feeder company. 
There were only three employees and a lot to do, so I got the chance to work on pretty much anything that I thought needed to be done. From there I learned how to drive fork-lifts, work trade show booths, photograph chickens, and design and build websites. Beyond that, I've made websites and apps for some leading lawn and garden brands, the largest injury attorneys in the United States, various entertainment and athletic startups, and currently, one of the worlds greatest travel brands. This is a collection of things I've made along the way.

Lonely Planet

I worked on the about and careers pages for Lonely Planet. We were building a new design system for Lonely Planet, so I thought it was a good time to get the nearly decade old company pages up to date. I designed the pages, and built out an HTML/CSS prototype.

Scrapped header

The pages went through a few iterations. One version had this composite for the header. The look was a bit difficult to implement as part of a system, so it was ultimately scrapped. It makes an occasional cameo on internal marketing materials.

About page

We wanted the about page to be the homepage for the company pages, but also be informative for press or potential employees that want to learn more about what we do.

Careers page

The careers page needed to touch on our culture, cover our contributor program, and list available job positions.

Athletic startups

For a couple of years, I floated around between several companies under one athletic & entertainment investment group. I got to work with several great startups on a range of projects, ranging from print to digital.

School of the legends

This was a piece of a halloween themed social media campaign for an online football coaching platform. I can't remember the tagline that went with it, but it was something like "unleash the beast".

Retail catalog

There was a push (and a deal with the Mannings) to get the online football coaching series into retail stores as a package of books and DVD's. This was the retail catalog (and my first foray into print) that I created for the sales team.

PGA TOUR Academy

One of the startups I was working with had a deal to white label their golf telestration app to the PGA Tour Academy. This was the homepage and sub-page I made for them.

Agency rebrand

For three years, I worked for an ad agency that works exclusively with clients in the legal industry. Not necessarily the most glamorous industry, but a cool company nonetheless. One of the last projects I worked on before I left was a rebrand of the company (and nearly everything in it) 

Rebrand proposal

Over an intense two days, our team went through and documented everything we saw inside the building that could be improved, and offered ideas on how they could be improved.

Slide from presentation

It was 2012, The existing logo had been designed in 2001. We met some resistance in the company because they thought the logo we had was pretty great, and still looked 'modern'. This was a slide I made to show how much things had changed in 11 years. The logo honestly isn't the best thing I've ever made, but I think it worked for something quick, that was intended to start a conversation.  



Search & Global navigation

Helping travelers discover the world



Detail & list pages

Getting to the heart of a destination



Healthcare website

A website for one of the largest surgical services businesses in the country



Athletic coaching app

Revolutionizing the relationship between the athlete and the coach



Everything else

Various projects from the past decade